Message from the Founder

Hirotaka Takeuchi

Hirotaka Takeuchi

Global Academy Inc. was established on August 16, 2016 with the mission of “Enabling Japan to Compete (Again)” on the talent front. The Japanese have been world-class in the fields of science and sports, but not in the world of business. At Global Academy our vision is to create a future in which Japanese companies will be leading the world of business through their most important resource – people. I have made the decision to return to Japan and devote my life after Harvard to accomplish this mission and vision.

How do we make Japanese more competitive and have more presence on a global scale in the world of business? The key lies in establishing credentials based on global standards, not on local Japanese standards. The knowhow and experience I gained at Harvard will help in this regard. Global Academy will establish these credentials and create a pathway to nurture global talent in mass and in a short period of time. To achieve scale and agility, however, we need to go beyond classroom teaching, which happens to be my forte, and utilize AI and Big Data.

This is why I had been searching for a partner versed in the latest fields of technology and was lucky enough to find such an ideal partner in Eric Young, an entrepreneur 20 years my junior, who has built a successful career in both education and software development.

The two of us will join hands to have a new certification system up and running by the year 2020. Once this system is in place, it will serve as a pathway for the Japanese, as promised, to become world-class in mass and in a short period of time. Our bold and audacious goal is to create this system – which we are calling the Global Talent Certification System – on our own, without relying on the Education Ministry or government as has been common protocol to date.

In the three years prior to 2020, while the Global Talent Certification System is being completed, Global Academy will offer two practical skill-improvement programs for our Consortium Member Companies: a face-to-face program for middle managers and an online pilot program for front-line workers. We are convinced that these two practical programs as well as the Global Talent Certification System will contribute to the sustainable growth of Japanese companies and the Japanese economy at large.

We look forward to working closely with our Consortium Member Companies to realize this goal.